NLP: Up to the last gram, they tease part 4 in their own way

Entertainment 7 April, 2017

While they are expected at the Coachella Festival in a few days, the two NLP members continue to teaser their next clip.
In just 2 years, PNL has become very heavy. The proof ? Even the Americans are kissing them: in a few days, Ademo and NOS will have the immense privilege of treading the scene of Coachella , the enormous Los Angeles festival, which brings together every year the world’s biggest music stars. Lady Gaga, DJ Snake, Kendrick Lamar (who is preparing a new album) … They will all be together with the two French to set fire on stage. In parallel with this show, which promises to be exceptional and for which melty has prepared you some surprises, the two rappers of the city of Tarterêts prepare gently but surely the release of their new video, “Until the last gram”, that they Come again teaser.
While they charbonné like eggs on the shooting of their next clip, they are now quite active on social networks in recent times. Have they finished their new clip? Are they preparing the ground on the social networks in the perspective of soon to disseminate it? Still, as every Wednesday, the two rappers have once again tweeted. And this time, we were simply entitled to emoticons (3 muscular arms and 8 planets). These 8 planets correspond to the 8 hours of jet lag that separate France from Los Angeles, the city where the Coachella festival will take place (and where Lady Gaga reserves a surprise, As you are excluded )? Will they reserve a big surprise to the Americans by broadcasting their new clip there? We can expect everything from both brothers … And you, how do you interpret this tweet?
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