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Entertainment 22 December, 2017


Wednesday, November 20, tattoo artist Johnny Hallyday said in the columns of Paris Match that he had tattooed the wrist of Nicolas Sarkozy. A tattoo of the former president hiding under his watch. The counselor of cabinet of former head of State, Véronique Waché formally denies this story. Contacted by she answers us.

Mark Mahoney has tattooed many celebrities. Johnny Hallyday to Rihanna, the tattoo artist of the stars has claimed in the pages of the magazine Paris Match of November 20, that he had done a tattoo discreet on the wrist of Nicolas Sarkozy. A story that has quickly reacted to his entourage, including his advisor firm Véronique Waché.

In a tweet, this close to Nicolas Sarkozy was even more amused by the information: “After the pizza oven in the presidential plane, drinking with Putin, I request the tattoo in rocker mode “. Contacted by she formally denies this story. “It’s good to give credit to the characters in the baroque style. This tattoo look very nice, but, not, Nicolas Sarkozy was never tattooed and his entourage can say,” says the advisor. Nicolas Sarkozy has not followed the trend of the tattoo, which is becoming more and more accessible and that is very widespread in the world of celebrities.

The rocker Johnny Hallyday, the ex-head of State has married, had many drawings in black ink on the skin, all with a very special meaning. One will retain in particular the drawing of the naked body of Laeticia, done from a famous photo. Adopted by Rihanna, Beyoncé, Shy m, or the actress Angelina Jolie, the tattoo short, even on the skin of some Miss regional. Unfortunately, these do not have the right to have. This year, it has earned the Miss Martinique, Jade Fielder, to be disqualified because of that it wears on the shoulder blade. This is her first dauphine Laure-Anaïs Abidal who has competed in his place.

After the oven has pizza in the presidential plane, drinking with Putin, I request the tattoo mode rocker

— Véronique Waché (@VeroniqueWache) December 21, 2017

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