Nobody can be as stupid as these cartoon characters

Cinema 18 April, 2017

We all know people who have trouble spending their money, trying instead to keep it for themselves. But not at that point anyway.

This is vice, clearly. Especially that the characters in question are far from being in galley! But hey, it seems that it makes sense, the more you have, the more you want. And the more you need it. In any case, these characters really do not like spending their money.
The Count of the Lemongrass (“Adventure time”)
Not only does he not share, but in addition he is persuaded to do good to people by taking things from them . The result of a failed experiment of Princess Chewing-Gum, it remains supported by it at all costs. Master of his kingdom, where only people of his appearance are dragged, he fout his kingdom regularly in difficulty, especially by his unlimited and sickly egoism. He likes to yell “Unacceptable !” When it takes. Often.
Dc Thaddeus Venture (“The Venture Brothers”)
Scientist frustrated not to know the same success as his father, drugged and hooked, he tries stuff. Only in interest, of course . And it’s pretty fucking. As when it constitutes an army from unqualified students, who eventually become mutants.
Stan Pines (“Gravity Falls”)
Great-uncle of the twins Mabel and Dipper, he directs the strange trick of the Mystery Shack, in the town of Gravity Falls, Oregon. First hustler, he carrot tourists with attractions and tricks . An old embittered, big forceps, but who loves his family and keeps some good sides. We can be stupid and not a bad guy.
Montana Max (“Tiny Toon adventures”)
As a rotten boy, he is cruel and unbearable with others. Obsessed with money, he even inscribed on his door: ringing brings money. Poor at the grassroots, Max discovered wealth when his family won the Lotto and began to indulge. But only when it concerns his personal hobbies eh . The others may die.
Eugene H. Krabs (“SpongeBob SquarePants”)
Crab and successful entrepreneur of the restaurant The crusty crab, he has difficulty releasing the thune. When he goes out to an employee “I do not pay you to breathe” , the other replies “you do not pay us at all” … Every time it appears, there is a story of money . Intelligent, but stingy of a force, he thinks of that. Even with his daughter Pearl, he counts his pennies.
C. Montgomery Burns (The Simpsons)
This television producer was rated “Richest Drama Character” in 2013 , so believe me, his bank account is well stocked. At the head of many companies in Springfield, he manages the nuclear power plant. He accumulates the dollars, pay like shit his employees and exploits them thoroughly.
Balthazar Scrooge (The Adventures of Scrooge)
This Scottish duck loves money at a point, it’s unheard of. The guy is swimming in his thune, it’s his kiff. He is reluctant to help his family, dodging requests while he has millions of dollars … His argument comes from the fact that he recognizes the value of work, merit. Ok, that’s right, you have to say it. But it remains a sham. Reassure us, you do not know worse than them?