Noise levels : the law hardens in nightclubs and festivals

Health 9 August, 2017


Published the 09.08.2017 at 18: 30


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Nightclubs and festivals are going to have to lower the tone. A text published Wednesday in the Official Journal hardens the legislation on noise exposure in places that broadcast the music, in order ” to protect the hearing of the public “. The average sound level, measured over 15 minutes, shall not exceed 102 decibels – the maximum level was set since 1998 to 105 decibels. When the audience is composed of children up to six years of age, the limit is set at 94 decibels, may be read.

The data to be kept

The rule applies to the clubs, the concert halls, but also the outdoor stages of festivals and other places that distribute amplified music “as usual”, and whose capacity is greater than 300 persons.

Managers and organisers are required to display sound levels in the room or space, so that it can be verified. They should record these levels and maintain them for possible controls.

Areas of rest, hearing protectors…

The decree also includes measures of prevention. The places concerned will be required to ” inform the public about the risk to hearing “, “make available to the public free of charge hearing protection “ear plugs” and “create areas of rest hearing or, failing that, to arrange the periods of rest, hearing” during which the sound level will not exceed 80 decibels. It is believed that a prolonged listening of 85 decibels can affect the ear.

The sanctions incurred in case of infringement remain a contravention of 1,500 euros (eur 3 000 in case of recidivism) and the confiscation of the sound equipment.