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Entertainment 18 August, 2017


Norbert Tarayre, the ex-candidate’s crazy Top Chef season 3, was installed in the United States with his family in the city paradise of Miami. He does not give up, provided its projects with France.

Norbert Tarayre dreamed “since always”. According to Téléstar, the head of 36-year-end of the competition on Top Chef is located at Miami, Florida. The cook, never short of new challenges, took his wife Amanda and his two daughters on the other side of the Atlantic, in a small house north of the city. We knew he was on american soil for several weeks but Norbert Tarayre comes to explain the reason of this displacement. There, he meets “investors and professionals to get an idea of the market” in the middle of the restoration in Miami.

I am going to try my luck to eighteen years of age, but at the last moment, it made me scared”, says Norbert Tarayre. This time, he pounced. His family looks forward to this life change : “My girls have worked hard to have a good English, tell it to Téléstar, during their last six months in France, they carry notes incredible. As for Amandine, my wife, I’ve never seen also flourished.”

Is preparing to open a facility in addition to its host table, Macaille, at Suresne and his bistro chic, Gosh, in Puteaux ? The chief of the verve cheeky does not lose sight of its projects with its chain, M6, and keeps a foot in Paris. After the top chef Show, Norbert will present at the September 6 issue of SOS canteens, the chiefs counter-attacked.

Norbert Tarayre

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