Norman Reedus (The Walking Dead) exhibits in Paris, he confides (EXCLUSIVE)

Entertainment 21 December, 2016

It was the event of last week that should not be missed, the actor of The Walking Dead came to present for the first time in France his exhibition! Norman Reedus confided in melty’s micro on his way of creating his works.
Walkers disembark in Paris? Hopefully not ! It is indeed the interpreter of Daryl Dixon who made a stop by Paris a few days ago. If few fans were aware of his small penchant for photography, this is the case and for a long time. The opening of the exhibition entitled “The sun’s coming up … Like a big bald head” took place last Thursday and we can say that Norman Reedus was welcomed! Fans, the press and art lovers were present for the occasion at the Galerie Hors-Champs. “Disturbing is Beautiful” is a little credo of Daryl interpreter for his photographic work. During his visit to Paris, Norman Reedus confided in his art and his inspirations. Through his work as an actor, he has the opportunity to travel the world and the encounters he makes at the heart of his travels is one of his first inspirations. His son, his ex-wife, the zombies or his acolytes of the cast of The Walking Dead are also recurring subjects in the works of Norman Reedus. If the photograph came to him in a natural way, he nevertheless has his own way of creating. Norman Reedus has also given on season 7 of The Walking Dead and the future of the fight or Daryl vs Rick Negan !
We had the pleasure of being at your show last night, we really enjoyed your work, it’s a nice discovery. We noticed that you made a lot of black and white photos, why this choice?
Norman Reedus: You were able to see everything? There were so many people, it’s crazy! I do not know. It comes naturally. I put the black and white mode on the camera and I start taking a picture. I never told me watching something “Well, it would be better in black and white” .
It’s not planned, so it comes like a feeling, of course?
Norman Reedus: I think if you are planning things, you do not get what you really want. I never take a color photograph to end up putting it in black and white afterwards. Did you know that Norman Reedus is also passionate about photography?