Norman Thavaud: very saddened by the death of his famous cat, Sergi

Entertainment 13 January, 2017

The youtubeur and comedian Norman Thavaud (its chain: Norman makes videos ), published a small tribute to Sergi full of emotion. Sergi was his cat, a ball of black hair with green eyes that participated in the success of Norman on the Internet. The nearly thirty-year-old had adopted it in an association. He was already 10 years old. Norman and Sergi only shared three years of games.
It is not clear when Sergi died, but now, the little 4 legged companion of Norman Thavaud ” joined the paradise of cats ,” as he himself said in a text published and read on the Internet.
” It was an alley cat that I had collected in a neighborhood association , writes Norman. He was already 10 years old. He had a fragile health and the veterinarian said that we could not do much and then one day he was found dead (at the age of 13). I was very attached to this ball of black hair, an unusual personality and a cuddle machine. I cried like a madeleine for four days . ”
“When I see your little adorable messages about him, I realize that I was not the only one who loved him. That’s why I have not announced immediately, I was afraid of hurting people, especially the younger ones, but after all so be honest . ”
” Thanks for everything Sergi, rest in peace. It seems that black cats are unlucky, but you brought me only happiness. “