Ocean’s 8: A famous Talk Show host joins the cast

Cinema 13 January, 2017

The cast of the film Ocean’s 8 already rich in stars has just added a new name, a famous animator that regularly makes the buzz!

This project is becoming more and more exceptional! While Rihanna, Sandra Bullock or Anne Hathaway and Mindy Kaling continue the filming of Ocean’s 8 in the US, we have just learned that James Corden will also part of the adventure. The English animator who shines on CBS in The Late Show With James Corden has captured the hearts of Americans through his accent, his humor, his risky games, but also through its Carpool Karaoke for which he sang with Great names of the American song like Lady Gaga, Madonna or Bruno Mars. James Corden is not a beginner in the world of cinema, since he has already shone thanks to some of his performances.
James Corden has particularly shined during his performance in the movie One Chance and then we delighted in the musical Into The Woods … We do not know yet what will it do, but it will be part of the secondary roles. We are really looking forward to hearing more and hope that the screenwriters will exploit his comedy side and his relationship with Anne Hathaway with whom he gets along very well. Besides, just to please you, you were handed their Rap Battle just above. James Corden will he become more popular as Rihanna on the set of the film Ocean’s 8 ? The answer soon!