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Entertainment 11 January, 2018


Odile Vuillemin went on to roles in the series on TF1. After 7 seasons in Profiling, the actress starts in the series, The innocent. It embodies Helen Siquelande, a simple woman, the opposite of the characters torture to which she was accustomed, the captain of gendarmerie in a small town in the south of France.

For 7 seasons, Odile Vuillemin has embodied the Chloé Saint-Laurent, a psychologist specialized in criminology, within the judicial police of Paris, in the series Profiling (TF1). Thursday 11 January 2018, she returns to the small screen in the series The innocent. She embodies is Hélène Siquelande, a simple woman, a captain of gendarmerie in a small town in the back-country tearooms. The actress is always in search of new worlds.

She tried chinese and tahitian

After a preparatory class HEC, Odile Vuillemin studying in Paris the sociology, psychology and foreign languages. But not just any. She tries to languages such as chinese and tahitian.

The passion of the other

More young, Odile Vuillemin wanted to become an ethnologist. but she’s found a real passion for the theatre. She abandons her studies, and follows the course Simon. In 2001, she won a first film role, in The Sweet love of men.

It has a unique physical characteristic

Last April, she told Tv Leisure you have a physical peculiarity that could make him miss his vocation. In fact, to the question:”What was the worst thing we’ve ever known at an audition ?” Odile Vuillemin told a fun story : “I have, in fact, a cil blond to the right and one strand to the left. There, it is not seen too much because they are disguised. And I fell at the very beginning of my career, on a person who said to me : ‘Haha ! With these two cilia, the day where you make ten million, I pay you a coffee, you do not come never !’ “

Unlike Miss France 2018, it is a true redhead!

Odile Vuillemin revives its red venetian. The actress went through several trials capillaries before returning to its natural red-head, she has made it a little more vibrant. In Tv Star, she tells that it is his agent who pushed to return to its true color. “On the photos that I showed him, I was blonde, the color that I was indeed in front of him, brunette, redhead. He told me you made me stop it immediately. You turn back to yourself. Redhead. I went to the hairdresser “. In an interview that the actress has placed in us, she explained her routine care to maintain that bright red hair.

She was doing a burn out

In 2013, Odile Vuillemin embodies the persona of the Chloé Saint-Laurent for the past four years, in the series of Profiling. Tired of linking to the seasons and of the aspect “to the son” of her character, she likes. She plunges into a depression for six months and loses 10 pounds. “On a tray I am obliged to be fragile all the time. To be credible I have to let go. Obviously, this is the character who is supposed to suffer. But the emotions pass by me. One way or another I saw”, she confided to a magazine tv.

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