Of surgeons found 27 lenses in the eye of a patient

Health 16 July, 2017

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Published the 16.07.2017 at 14h11
Update the 16.07.2017 to 14h19


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The discovery is not trivial, for a surgeon ophthalmic. While she was preparing to make a woman of 67 years for a cataract, a medical team from the uk has spotted a “mass in blue” in the eye of their patient. It was in reality a cluster of 17 lenses, agglutinated by the mucus. Looking further, surgeons have found 10 additional lenses hidden in the eye.

“None of us had seen it, explains in Optometry Today Rupal Morjaria, the ophthalmologist who has supported this exceptional case at the hospital in Solihull, near Birmingham (England). It was a mass so big. All the lenses were glued together. We were astounded to see that the patient had not felt, because it has cause a good number of irritations as it was in place. “

Credit : Solihull Hospital/BMJ


A little discomfort, without more

The woman is wearing monthly lenses for over 35 years, says the doctor in a short report published in the medical journal BMJ. She had not reported specific symptoms before being taken in charge for its operation. After that the surgeons will have removed the foreign body, she said that she had attributed the discomfort she felt at the age, and a small dry eye !

“When we review 2 weeks later, she recognized feel much less discomfort,” says Dr. Morjaria, who attributes the loss of these lenses to a more low from the right eye and sunken eyes. Therefore, there was room for both lenses.

A necessary follow-up

The ophthalmologist british took advantage of the media coverage of this unusual case to remind the importance of follow-up in people who wear contact lenses. “Today, while it is easier to order contact lenses online, the patients are far more lax about the monitoring visits, she said. Contact lenses are used constantly, but if the follow-up is not appropriate, we see people who get eye infections severe, which may even make them lose the view. “

In France, to renew his prescription, it is mandatory to consult an ophthalmologist every year to the maximum for people under the age of 16 years, and every three years for the other.