Omar Sy dab and dance at the Alpe d’Huez with Audrey Lamy in front of Louane

Entertainment 18 January, 2017

Under the eyes of his wife, the president of the 20th edition of the Comedy Film Festival assured the show from the opening night.
As every year, the famous ski resort of Alpe d’Huez hosts its Comedy Film Festival. For the 20th edition, the organizers have put the little dishes in the big ones with an exceptional program and many guests. As is customary, everyone comes to party and laugh in the snow of the Alpine resort.
Tuesday 17 January marked the opening of the festival. For the event, many guests were present, starting with the president of the jury of this edition birthday , Omar Sy . Accompanied by his sworn acolytes, Audrey Lamy , Franck Gastambide, Arbillot Pascale and Patrick Timsit , the favorite actor of the French assured the spectacle in front of his wife Helen, but also his friend Trappist Jamel Debbouze (seen with his girlfriend Melissa Theuriau ) or the accustomed Valérie Damidot . On stage, the quintet made the assembly laugh and even danced, before offering the photographers a dab (choreographic movement which consists for the dancer to simultaneously place his face in the fold of the elbow, while pointing the sky in the direction opposite with two parallel arms) during the traditional photocall .
On the red carpet and on stage at the palace, it was also found the film crew who ensured the opening of the festival, crazy Raid . Its director and lead actor Dany Boon , was accompanied by the lively and lovely Alice Pol, and the tanned and freshly dad Florent Peyre . The soft Louane Emera was also the part – it will present the animated film Sahara with Omar Sy – just like other young French laugh, between Panayotis Pascot Andy Tell (Nadege Dabrowski) and Mister V. could also cross Berengere Krief and Virginia Guilhaume that animated the evening.
The Alpe d’Huez 2017 will continue until 22 January. Alexandra Lamy, Alice Belaïdi, Louise Bourgoin, Ahmed Sylla, Anne Marivin, Audrey Dana, team Babysitting (who will present , the new film by Philippe Lacheau), Jenifer and Pierre Richard in particular are expected.