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Health 24 January, 2018


Published the 24.01.2018 at 12h51


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“You have to appeal to a team of SMUR (truck, etc…) to make a transfer of a patient from one service to another, in the same hospital, because the two buildings are not connected so that they are up to 20 metres one from the other ! “The tweets of this kind are pouring on the Internet. Since a fortnight, the hashtag #balancetonhosto invades the social network Twitter. Carers denounce the absurdities they see in their services and structures.


This is a hospital doctor, youtubeur : he runs a chain of medical detailing, which launched the movement. François, called Primus Non Nocere on social networks, explained to France Info radio that his initiative: “I had to fall on a trick absurd in the work, and instead of rager in my corner, I am told that I do enjoy Twitter, on the tone of the humor. “

For fans of tweet, here are the links for the insert : https://twitter.com/ContactPrimum/status/952154782126559232


Of humor to the difficult working conditions

Since then, several dozens of testimonies have followed. They tell the absurdities, problems of equipment, personnel. Among the messages, some point of technical failure. As such, these corridors are too narrow to pass two wheelchairs, or the presence of a mouse in a room of the hospital.

Above all, they denounce the working conditions are sometimes very difficult. A tweet that explains how a colleague was congratulated by a framework for its efficiency record ” Congratulations, you have managed to get 15 bandages in 1h, it’s good! “.

For the past several weeks, emergency services are on strike for lack of resources and staff. On January 15, a forum was published in The World per 1000 hospital-based physicians and healthcare executives with the aim to denounce the “new austerity budget” that weighs on the hospitals.