Once Upon A Time Season 6: Another key character back in the next episodes! (SPOILERS)

Cinema 10 January, 2017

Good news for fans of Once Upon A Time: Another key character will be back in season 6. We tell you everything!

More information about Once Upon A Time in recent times! If the series will not be back on ABC before March, it seems that the production of the show does not want to be forgotten either. It was thus learned that Ariel would be back in the series during his comeback and the trailer of the first winter also indicated the presence of Robin in the next episodes. If the wait is long, all these news put us in any case mouth water and we are clearly waiting to find the series. Especially since with the final revelation concerning the murderer of Emma, ​​the questions are flying in our head! And as we suggested you to discover the most useless characters in 2016 , it is time for us to reveal what other key character will return in Season 6 of Once Upon A Time.
Against all odds, Tinker Bell will appear in the second half of the season . Rose McIver, who now wears the iZombie series on her shoulders on The CW will make her big comeback in OUAT. Adam Horowitz and Eddy Kitsis revealed to TV Line: “Bell has played a big role in the destiny of Regina Robin, so it makes sense that if Sean Maguire returns, our favorite fairy also returns for a visit” . It is not known in what episode this will happen, but it will be released in the spring. While waiting to learn more, find melty the series calendar for 2017 ! What do you think of this return?