Once Upon A Time Season 6: Can the series survive Jennifer Morrison?

Cinema 16 January, 2017

Jennifer Morrison could leave Once Upon A Time at the end of season 6. Can the series continue without Emma?
Will Emma be able to escape her destiny in Season 6 of Once Upon A Time? The fate of the rescuer remains uncertain, as does that of the series which has not yet been renewed by the chain ABC. In addition, the contract of Emma’s interpreter, Jennifer Morrison, will be completed soon. Will she die? If the actress surely not hesitate to re-enlist for another season of Once Upon A Time , creators of the series have led to reinvigorate the show if it is renewed. Will they separate from the character of Emma? Can the series continue without the saver? Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, The Vampire Diaries saw disappear or have died of the main characters throughout their different seasons. This is not because Emma is the heroine of Once Upon A Time she is immune . If the death would be daring, the creators could also shoot themselves in the foot by doing so because fans of the series greatly love the character of Jennifer Morrison.
If Emma had to be killed by Gideon in Season 6 of Once Upon A Time , creators of the series will offer better storylines than at present because the series is slowing a bit. Like the character of the rescuer, let’s face it. So it might be a good thing to start on a new foundation. This could give more depth to the character of Hook, the boyfriend of Emma, ​​for example. In addition, Once Upon A Time can also rely on strong characters, crowd’s attention, such as Regina or Zelena. The Evil Queen is just as much appreciated as Emma, ​​or even more! It may be time for the Savior to leave the field open for her to become a true heroine. The series can therefore work without Jennifer Morrison but it will be necessary to be skillful and to propose solid and well-worked storylines so that the fans are at the rendezvous. Before you learn more about the future of the series, learn why Charming could go wrong because of the new curse in Season 6 of Once Upon A Time. And do you think Once Upon A Time can continue without Jennifer Morrison?