Once Upon A Time season 6: Emma (Jennifer Morrison) ready to leave the series?

Cinema 13 January, 2017

While season six of Once Upon a Time is currently making its annual hiatus, will Jennifer Morrison (Emma) leave the series?

Soon the end? While the creators have recently revealed if Neal could be back in Season 6 One Upon a Time , the future of the series aired on the network ABC remains uncertain. Indeed, it has not been renewed for a seventh season and especially comedians contracts are expiring . Jennifer Morrison, who plays Emma approached the subject in a recent interview and said: .. “My contract for Once Upon a Time ends in April I do not know what that means they have not yet officially renewed We’re waiting to see if the chain decides to continue with the series – and if they continue, if they will rework it to propose something else, or if they will ask us to stay. We’re just on an economic model now. I’m very faithful to the series and I am fiercely protective of my character. I feel a lot of nice things happened to me through it, and in many I have no interest in giving up something that represents such a special part of my life, but I also know that I do not intend to stay forever. is more a life decision, and I do not know how I can make that decision until I know what ABC wants . ”
If we add to those remarks ABC boss at the CAW, we may wonder if the series could not continue without Emma and other characters that we love . Indeed, after declaring that Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis considering potential seventh season as a springboard to a new direction, he continued: “That does not necessarily mean that the cast will not return That’s right. we wonder how to press the reset button in a way that gives us the opportunity to extend the stories we tell? Whenever there is a change, there is always a transition ” . Speeches that can make us fear the worst, as the best, but that leaves the door open to the maintenance of the current cast. Lately, we dévoilions two iconic characters would be back in Season 6 of Once Upon a Time. Do you think the series can continue without the character of Emma?