Once Upon A Time Season 6 Episode 10 tonight, another life for Emma in the Midseason Finale!

Cinema 4 December, 2016

Tonight ABC will broadcast the episode 10 of season 6 of Once Upon a Time, which serves Midseason Finale, where Emma lives another life!

once-upon-a-time-saison-6-episode-10-episodeThe story of a wish! While we dévoilions intense promo of the episode 10 of season 6 video of Once Upon A Time, which is also the final midseason , it’s tonight that the network ABC will broadcast this event and it promises be captivating. Indeed, as we discovered in the promo video and the synopsis of “Wish You Were Here” , “Evil Queen steals the magic lamp of Aladdin and Jasmine made a vow that could put the Sauveuse on forever button when it teaches that our heroes have a weapon capable of defeating “. So, not wanting to wake up for Emma Snow is absent, teamed up with David and Henry Hook Evil Queen to take away from Storybrooke, while Regina attempts a rescue mission. Meanwhile, Gold and Beautiful face a surprising threat to their newborns ” .
To promote this latest episode of the year, two excerpts we receive. In the first, we see an intense confrontation between Regina and Emma Hook facing Evil Queen. The voltage will quickly rise, so the Sauveuse will attack his enemy and hurt, without it has repercussions on Regina. Therefore, everyone understands that the sword to kill Emma is the key to finally defeat Evil Queen . This scene takes place at the beginning of the episode and the second extract should happen shortly after. Emma, Hook and David go out to meet the Evil Queen, to end its threats, only one is in possession of Jasmine and her lamp. Thus, it will make a wish that will lead Emma in a life she would have wanted to live . Discover our full info on the Winter Finale of season 6 of Once Upon a Time! What do you expect from this episode?