Once Upon A Time season 6: Episode 12, the couple Snowing soon gathered in the video promo?

While episode 12 of season 6 of Once Upon A Time will be released next week on ABC, let’s discover together the first unpublished images of “Murder Most Foul”
Can David break the curse? And yes the meltynauts, while we now know who will try to kill Emma, ​​the Snowing couple must always face a terrible ordeal: their separation. And if Snow seems to gradually lose hope, David intends to finally break the curse that hangs over them. While Melty’s editor offered you to discover our critic of episode 11 of Season 6 of Once Upon A Time in which Regina found SPOILER , let’s return together on the first unpublished images of “Murder Most Foul” recently unveiled by ABC . First of all, know that Hook will decide to go to the serious things with Emma but first of all, He wants to be sure that David does not just see him as a pirate . Then, when Charming comes to ask him to help him discover the truth about his father’s death, he will accept without hesitation. Are we going to attend the wedding of Captain Snow? This is a ceremony that will delight the most unconditional fans!
Meanwhile, Regina will do her best to help Robin acclimate to his new life in Storybrooke. However, she will quickly discover that this alternative version of the archer has a dark side which will make her attempts much more complicated than she had envisaged. One thing is certain, the return of Robin Hood is simply pleasing as Regina finally deserved to be happy . But will it really be with this brand new Robin? We hope so wholeheartedly. Will we finally know the truth about Charming’s father? Will the curse of sleep finally be broken? Will the Evil Queen come back to herself again? All answers and much more next week on ABC. Pending further information, The editor of melty wondered if a new death was to be expected in season 6 of Once Upon A Time. What do you think of these unpublished images?

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