Once Upon A Time season 6: Episode 15, Emma makes a deal with Gideon, our critic

Cinema 4 April, 2017

While Hook tried to find Emma, ​​she made a pact with Gideon in episode 15 of season 6 of Once Upon A Time. Discover our review of “A Wondrous Place”!
On Sunday night, Hook was stuck in an alternate reality in episode 15 of Season 6 of Once Upon A Time . Did he manage to find Emma? How did the rescuer react to her fiance’s departure? Melty’s editor reveals his criticism of episode 15 of season 6 of Once Upon A Time. “A Wondrous Place” opens on Emma who confesses to David that not only Hook killed his father but also left with Nemo. Except that the pirate did not really want to disappear, he was trapped by Gideon. The Nautilus is already in another kingdom, the only way to get back to Storybrooke is to recover kraken blood, a monster as rare as scary. For their part, Jasmine and Aladdin have been seeking Agrabah without success for months . If the savior begins to think of returning to Storybrooke, Jasmine magically finds her engagement ring given by her father who hoped she would marry a prince with an army to defeat Jafar. But the princess had already found a hero to save Agrabah … Except that in a flashback, Jafar announces to him that Aladdin is no longer there and that to save his kingdom, it must marry her. Today in the Enchanted Forest, Jasmine and Aladdin find themselves facing a terrible sea creature … a kraken! Fortunately, Hook comes to the rescue in season 6 of Once Upon A Time . However, the pirate is furious because because of them, he missed the opportunity to kill the creature.
Jasmine admits that she thinks that Agrabah was taken by Jafar and that she is afraid to face him again . Hook proposes to help him to find the wizard thanks to the compass of the Nautilus. Meanwhile in Storybrooke, Emma is still heartbroken, but Regina and Snow are organizing a little party between the girl at the Aesop bar to cheer her up. On the Nautilus, Hook is also distraught while Jasmine confesses to him that she has betrayed Agrabah by not assuming his duties of princess and that thus, it does not think to deserve the love. In a flashback, while she is at the market, a thief points the tip of her nose but it is not Aladdin. This is Ariel, looking for his prince in season 6 of Once Upon A Time . Jasmine suggests that they help each other. In the present, the Nautilus was damaged by the kraken and sank. If Nemo does not want to abandon his ship, Jasmine vows that they are all sent to the island where Jafar appears to be. But they fall on Ariel! In a flashback, the siren finds Eric and confesses to him his true nature. Unfortunately, it is not the Prince but Jafar who played a dirty trick to Ariel and Jasmine. The sorcerer reiterates his ultimatum, the princess must marry her or Agrabah will be destroyed. At Ariel, the compass points towards a bottle. Jafar could be a genius! Jasmine decides to confront her but Jafar has managed to break the curse of genius. The princess has only released him and finds himself face to face while Hook, Ariel and Aladdin are plunged into sleep . In a flashback, Jasmine eventually decides to marry Jafar. After she gave him the ring, Jafar assures him that he never wanted to marry her or reign over Agrabah. In fact, he needed the jewel to break the spell protecting the city so “send it beyond the reach of mankind ” in Season 6 of Once Upon A Time .
In the present, Jasmine realizes that Agrabah is stuck in her ring! While Jafar tries to grab the jewel, Jasmine threw her a potion that turns him into a wooden cane in season 6 of Once Upon A Time . At Storybrooke, Emma finally confided in the bartender and let out a few tears. As for Jasmine, she understands that to save Agrabah she needs the magic that can break any spell. As the Princess embraces Aladdin, the city reappears before her eyes. At the same time, she even released Aladdin! Meanwhile, Ariel gives a shell to Hook with mermaid magic. Hook takes the opportunity to join Emma and reveals to him the whole truth about his departure. The young woman gets the visit from Aesop who is actually Gideon. He tells her that he now wants to force her to use her powers to help her. Now that he has his tears, he can stop her from finding Hook unless she kills the Black Fairy for him. We admit you are mixed about “A Wondrous Place” . If we were delighted to see Jasmine and Aladdin and especially Joanna García in the role of Ariel, we wonder a little what all this little world does together. Moreover, the storyline of Agrabah, forgotten for several weeks, reappears like a hair on the soup and ends a little too easily to our taste. Finally, one would have thought that the blackmail of Gideon would have had a stake more diabolical. We are disappointed with this episode . While waiting to find the next one, as of Sunday evening, See also the details of the departure of Josh Dallas and Ginnifer Goodwin at the end of season 6 of Once Upon A Time. And you, what did you think of episode 15 of season 6 of Once Upon A Time?