Once Upon A Time Season 6: Episode 20 Tonight, Hook and Emma get married in a musical episode!

Cinema 7 May, 2017

While episode 20 of season 6 of Once Upon A Time will be broadcast tonight on ABC, back on the main lines of “The Song in Your Heart”!
Are you ready to sing? And yes the meltynauts, while the musical episode is under discussion since last summer, it will finally broadcast tonight on the American network. We’re not going to lie, we’re eager to hear the voices of our favorite characters . Especially since this episode will seal the destinies of Hook and Emma who will say yes to eternity. While melty’s editor offered you to discover our critic of episode 19 of season 6 of Once Upon A Time, during which the secret of the black fairy and Rumple was revealed , back on the main lines of “The Song In The Heart “broadcast in a few hours on ABC . And the least we can say, Is that the marriage will be very threatened by Rumple and his mother. Indeed, the black fairy has only one idea in mind: that of triggering another curse on Storybrooke while Emma and Hook prepare to marry in great pumps.
Will they finally have the right to their happy ending? Let’s cross our fingers for them! On the other hand, we will see flashbacks during which Snow and Charming will pray the sky so that little Emma is protected forever. But their wish will have unexpected consequences since the whole kingdom will begin to sing what will trigger the anger of our Evil Queen . One thing is certain, most actors will be an integral part of this musical episode and we are therefore terribly impatient to discover the new adventures of our heroes and in particular the marriage Captain Swan. But then, will it unfold without the slightest obstacle? We will have to wait to get the best of it. While waiting for more info, Find out why a season 7 of Once Upon A Time would be a suicide without Lana Parrilla (Regina) on melty . Are you eager to hear our heroes singing?