Once Upon A Time Season 6 Episode 7 Evil Queen and Snow avenges Charming, our critique of “Heartless”

Discover our review of episode 7 of Once Upon A Time Season 6, centered on Snow, Charming and Evil Queen! You are told all about “Heartless” …

once-upon-a-time-saison-5-season-5-snow-whiteEvil Queen blames Snow in episode 7 of Once Upon A Time Season 6 and in the episode aired last night on ABC , our evil queen will reach the goal beyond his expectations! A writing melty, we gets off “Heartless” , which offered us a whole new dynamic between Snowing and Evil Queen, thanks to the help of Regina. ! We invite you to discover without further delay our review below Since she realized she had to concentrate on the essentials, Evil Queen has one thing in mind: get the heart Snow and Charming that of the same time. His alliance with Gold gives it a considerable advantage and with the vial containing the water lost souls of the Underworld, she has enough to shake the whole city! Snow and Charming had twelve hours to surrender, otherwise it destroyed all Storybrooke …
From the first scene of the episode, the tone is set: Lana Parrilla as Evil Queen is absolutely divine and it’s nice to see a storyline in this between her and Snow. The duo match perfectly, and the actress is so talented that she manages to make us forget that it also plays the role of Regina! Besides, for the first time, Regina plays its resemblance Evil Queen for help in their quest . By writing a false word, Regina allows Zelena see Gold Evil Queen and kissing … and jealousy their spots! So Regina she finally managed to split the two sisters? This will at least have the merit of offering us a beautiful scene between Zelena and Nice, where the Wicked Witch tells her new things about the father of her child. Between young mothers, we must help each other … But back to the main plot of this episode which concerned Snow, David and Evil Queen!
The episode connects the moments of flashbacks and scenes in this that are particularly linked. One discovers that Snow and Charming had met in the past, but without seeing. This had created a magic tree born of a genuine spark of love, a screenplay spring which was quite predictable! This tree is critical to Storybrooke since as shown by the Blue Fairy, it will help save the city and its inhabitants. Passage we appreciate the return of this character that was a little gone from our memories! Unfortunately, Evil Queen is also the tree grows and shattered, what could have also easily guess. Nothing had prepared us however at the end of the episode, where we discover the fate Snow and David , convinced that love is stronger than the scheming Evil Queen. Rather than reducing their hearts to ashes, she decided to prepare a different sleeping spell, or only one of them may not be awake. Snow and Charming are they condemned to live without each other? It is on this tremendous twist that ends this episode that gave us love, twists and moments as we like in the series in fairy tales … And it reveals just here the US hearings balance of the week including Once Upon A Time What did you think of this episode of Once Upon A Time?

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