Once Upon A Time Season 6 Episode 8 tonight, Emma and Regina facing the Exile Queen mirror in a new clip!

Cinema 13 November, 2016

Tonight ABC will broadcast the episode 8 of season 6 of Once Upon a Time which is revealed via a new extract in which Emma and Regina are facing the Exile Queen mirror!
Evil Queen will she succeed in conquering Storybrooke? Yesterday we dévoilions first single episode 8 of season 6 of Once Upon a Time, in which a new life began for Snow and Charming . Now it’s a second excerpt ABC sent us and we have every reason to ask if Evil Queen is not going to end up truly conquer Storybrooke. We find first with Henry, who does not fail to tell him that he is upset with what she did to her grandparents and after having remembered a childhood memory, he said that it is not afraid of her and disappears. Evil Queen fell into a trap set by Emma and Regina. They want to lock Evil Queen in an enchanted mirror, unfortunately for them, it is only a pale copy they have in their possession. Evil Queen holds true and returns against our heroines, made in their own trap .
Now, nothing seems able to stop Evil Queen! However, as we have seen in the promo video, Hook will worry about the disappearance of Emma and Regina and confront the big bad of the season. For his part, Snow will understand how Evil Queen is watching them and could find a way to lift the spell hanging over his marriage. It will also Emma and Regina managed to escape the dragon that threatens them. The dangers are many, like twists . We have not finished being delighted with the season 6 of Once Upon a Time, for which Colin O’Donoghue gave clues about who is under the hood! What are you waiting for this episode?