Once Upon A Time Season 6 Episode 9, sacrificing Beautiful and anger Rumple, our criticism!

Cinema 28 November, 2016

Last night, ABC aired the episode 9 of season 6 ounce Upon a Time, devoted to Beauty and Rumplestiltskin, for which we offer our criticism!

once-upon-a-time-saison-6-season-6-belleFrom love to hate! Last night, the network ABC broadcast the episode 9 of season 6 of Once Upon a Time, for which we’ve unveiled promo video . This chapter was devoted to Belle and Rumplestiltskin and especially the birth of their child. Of course, we discovered a new part of their past, at a time when Rumple had kidnapped a newborn. A child whose Belle was busy before trying to save him, causing a great confrontation between the two characters. Although they are not particularly exciting, except that where Rumple meets his mother who abandoned him, those parts of the episode were well conducted and offered a nice echo to the story today. Indeed, the approach of childbirth, Belle again receives a visit in his dreams, his adult son. It warns against the plans of his father and in fact, it will have to make an agonizing decision: to ensure his son away, that Rumple never find him.
Rumple does not fail to be moving in this story, especially when entrusted Beautiful nobody can love him, but that his son can be a new beginning for him. Nevertheless, the scenes between Belle and her son surpass everything else. Emotion is the appointment and the staging is beautiful, especially the scene of childbirth in parallel to the one where she realizes she will have to give up her child. Once the thing done is anger Rumple is staged. As a father, he wants to know the name of his son, but Belle refuses him because knows what he is capable with this simple information. Confrontation is tense and concludes with Rumple making the promise to find their son . the Dark one has not finished making enemies since the episode ends with an intense confrontation involving the face Evil Queen, who did not fail to mention his mother. This time, he is definitely one and has nothing to cling to.
Evil Queen is not forgotten in the rest of the episode! As she is about to kill Zelina, as asked Rumple, Regina intervenes. The latter takes the heart of his double and prevented at the last moment to commit the irreparable. Once again, love is the reason for the attempted murder and Regina tries in vain to resonate his evil twin, while the warning against the Dark One. The suite offers a beautiful scene between the two sisters, where Regina informed Zelina it may have pity on her, that she may hate it, but not forgive her for what she did to Robin. the end of the episode makes us looking forward to the next puisqu’Emma Hook and found the sword to kill our heroine! A new element before the discovery of the identity of being under the hood! Until the next episode, fill up spoiler on episode 11 of season 6 of Once Upon a Time, which will be the Winter Finale. What did you think of this episode?