Once Upon A Time Season 6: Gideon, Robin, Agrabah … Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis teasent on!

Cinema 7 December, 2016

While a new threat arrived in town, Emma and Regina were confronted with … Robin! The creators of the series, Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis, say all the rest of the season 6 of Once Upon A Time!

Sunday night, in episode 10 of season 6 of Once Upon A Time, the identity of the murderer of Emma was unveiled . If Sauveuse thought he could be in Regina or its evil twin, she was royally deceived. Indeed, this is actually the son of the future version of Belle and Rumple, Gideon . But how did it become bad? The creators of the series, Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis, is entrusted to the Final Winter and tease the rest of the season 6 of Once Upon A Time . Adam Horowitz revealed that the man under the hood was always Gideon. “This is a story that is just beginning and is becoming an important part of the second half of the season.” , He announced during an interview with Entertainment Weekly . But why the son of Rumple and Belle-he wants to kill Emma? “This is the starting point for much of the narrative in the second half of the season.” Has he simply said. This then brings us to the realm of fairy Black’s mother, Rumple, in Season 6 of Once Upon A Time . “It’s dark, it looks like things are working in a dysfunctional manner and there is the Black Fairy there. We intend to explore what this kingdom and to see a little more about it and learn more about the Black Fairy […] where it comes from and why she does the things she does. ” he explained.
Edward Kitsis confessed that Rumple’s mother was “the darkest soul” that we have seen in Once Upon A Time in 6 seasons. It promises ! But this test could, however, bring the Rumbelle couple. “I think the way to Rumple and Belle was bumpy, tortuous but sometimes things bring us unexpectedly .”, Said Edward Kitsis. As for Adam Horowitz, he also sees a glimmer of hope for the couple. “You saw Rumple go to the limit. And when he had the ability to accelerate her pregnancy and to one of the worst possible things to Belle, he did not. He came to the limit and has turned away even if Belle knows that in episode 9. But he did it and I think it was a really important moment and a truly revealing moment because despite all his love for power and addiction to magic, there is a deep and abiding love for Belle here too, and it is always in conflict because of it. this is the glimmer of hope has not disappeared and this is the foundation of That relation.” , He said. As for Emma and Regina, they are stuck in another world in Season 6 of Once Upon A Time . “This is the kingdom that was created by the desire so it is a real place that exists now. It is not an alternative kingdom in the sense that it’s just imaginary and not real. This place exists currently and is real. ” , Assured Edward Kitsis adding that Pinocchio could help as he assisted Emma in season 1. Yes, Eion Bailey will be back in Season 6 of Once Upon A Time .
Robin Hood is also back in Season 6 of Once Upon A Time and stopped to go Storybrooke Regina. “We love Sean and we thought it was a fun way to continue telling the story of Robin Hood but from a slightly different angle because this character we meet is not the same as Robin Hood we know. But because it is also a kind of version of Robin Hood, he clearly has a profound impact on Regina. in the Spring Premiere, you will see that it becomes a huge part of his story . “revealed Edward Kitsis specifying that Regina will explore facets of herself. However, his life will be in danger because Henry the chase thinking she is the Evil Queen! As for Emma, she will meet the Hook of this new kingdom which is one of the favorite times of Edward Kitsis in the series! The real Hook, meanwhile, continue to work with David to find Emma. Charming-and they will overcome the new curse? “Snow and Charming have an epic love that topped curses before. This new curse in question is interesting, it is a challenge because they are separated in a way they have never been separated before. It’s affects not only because of their love but their families and friends. “he explained Adam Horowitz. Finally, we will travel to Agrabah with the beetle is a certain connection between Aladdin and Emma that will be explored in Season 6 of Once Upon A Time . Highly March. And you, what do you expect the rest of the season 6 of Once Upon A Time?