Once Upon A Time Season 6: New character, an unexpected return, the next episodes unveil!

Cinema 20 January, 2017

While season 6 of Once Upon a Time will only return in a few weeks, a new character is announced, while we will witness an unexpected return! Discover what awaits you in the next episodes.
Promising ads! Lately, we dévoilions two iconic characters will return in Season 6 of Once Upon a Time and it seems that we have not finished being surprised by the next episodes of the network ABC . Indeed, Isabella Blake-Thomas announced, via her Twitter account, that she would again haunt the set sets. As a reminder, the actress played Zelena Young (in episode 19 of season 5) and it is therefore a new stage of the past of the sister of Regina that we are about to discover . It remains to be seen whether this future intrigue will also bring back the young Regina and their mother, which would allow Rose Mc Gowan to become Cora again. For the moment, the production has not commented on this announcement, so we do not know in which episode (s) we will witness the new adolescent Zelena journey.
Beyond these returns, we will meet with a new character and not the least. Indeed, the production announced that a new princess will appear in the series: Tiger Lily . In the tales, she is the princess of the Piccaninny Indian tribe, living on the island of Neverland, which we explored during season 3. In the different versions of the character she is in love with Peter Pan and was tormented by Captain Hook. We’ll meet her in episode 17 and her description says she is “a force to be reckoned with.” Determined and ingenious, she is the kind of woman who risks her life to save the lives of others – and she will even faster if it can benefit. Under this shell, Tiger Lily is someone who is not afraid to accept help, even if it hesitates to ask ” . In other words, Hook is going to find an old acquaintance and that promises sparks. For now, we do not know who will play the character, but the announcement should be made soon! Lately, we wondered if Once Upon a Time could survive Jennifer Morrison’s departure! What do you think of this return and casting?