Once Upon A Time Season 6: Tiger Lily cast and a new return announced! Check out the latest news on upcoming episodes

Cinema 28 January, 2017

The continuation of season 6 of Once Upon A Time will be marked by another return and by the arrival of Tiger Lily! Discover who will embody it!
It looks good! Recently, we were doing from an unexpected return in Season 6 of Once Upon a Time and especially the arrival of a new character : Tiger Lily. Comes from the universe of Peter Pan, we learn today that the debutante actress Sara Tomko (as we saw in The Leftovers ) caught the attention of the production of the series of ABC to give substance to this princess Amerindian, who will be present for at least two episodes. While we can rejoice to see the world of Peter Pan to expand, this is very bad news for former resident of Neverland . Indeed, as the teasent executive producers Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis: ” While Captain Hook continues its path toward redemption, his dark past is never far away it left a long line of opponents and Tiger Lily. the last to come back and complicate its efforts to leave the past behind ” .
Beyond this casting, it is a new surprise return that is announced to us. Indeed, Adam Horowitz announced on his Twitter account that Patrick Fischler would resume his role of Isaac Heller, without further details. As a reminder, Isaac Heller is a former television salesman, dreaming of becoming a writer. A dream that is realized when it is chosen to become the new Author by the Sorcerer’s Apprentice. However, he abused his power and broke a rule, prompting the Apprentice to lock him up in the book, blaming him for interfering in the stories he must retranscribe. When Regina learns of the existence of the Author, she sets out to free him. Only, once free, he joins Mr. Gold, and together, they rewrite the story by creating the book Heroes and the Wicked. His plan defeated by Henry, Isaac was put in prison. It remains to be discovered how this return will be possible! Lately, we dévoilions that a musical episode was formalized for season 6 of Once Upon a Time! What do you think of this casting and this return?