Once Upon A Time season 6: Two cult characters back (SPOILERS)

Cinema 6 January, 2017

Season 6 of Once Upon A Time always plunges us into the wonderful universe of Disney tales. Moreover, two cult figures will make their great return. Discover their identity!
Season 6 of Once Upon A Time knows it as his winter break and so that the waiting becomes a nightmare. While we have learned the identity of Emma’s killer, who actually happens to be Gideon, we wonder about his motives. What did the rescuer do that he wanted to kill her, but especially did Emma really die? We are sure that the writers will find a solution to prevent this drama, hopefully. One thing is certain, is that the season 6B Once Upon A Time will be full of surprises. While an Arrow actor will join the cast , today we learned that two iconic characters will make their comeback in the show … A clue, it’s a couple! Do you have an idea?
Season 6 of Once Upon A Time looks hectic. If Aladdin and Jasmine have landed in the show, we will find another mythical couple of Disney tales. Yes, The Little Mermaid will make his comeback with his love Eric . Joanna Garcia and Gil McKinney will therefore return with the other actors of the series. We have the pleasure to see in episode 15 of season 6 of Once Upon A Time, entitled “A Wondrous Place” . The episode is well named in any case. How will they be reintegrated into the ABC show? Will they help Emma? And above all, will Ariel and Eric only be present during an episode or will they have a more regular role? Waiting to know, discover how Emma could escape his fate in the season 6 of Once Upon A Time! Are you eager to find Ariel and Eric?