Once Upon A Time season 6: Will Robert Carlyle (Rumple) leave the show? His answer !

Cinema 31 January, 2017

Robert Carlyle, who plays the character of Rumple, still today in season 6 of Once Upon A Time spoke about his future in the show.
This is the month of March as Once Upon A Time will make a comeback on ABC for the second half of the season and the wait is very long! We will have to arm ourselves a little patience before finding our favorite heroes, but everything is not lost. Yeah, information about the rest of the series is revealed to the drops account every week, allowing the US channel to get the pill a bit better on Oncers wishing to regain their favorite show. Today, and after you have announced the production of a musical episode in season 6 of Once Upon A Time, we look at the case Robert Carlyle who spoke about his future in the show. Indeed, asked by Digital Spy about the possibility of a return for the next season (if there next season), the actor was first told that his decision will be heavily influenced by his family . He explains: “At the end of the month, I’ll be at a crossroads in my life and I will make some decisions These concern not only my personal wellness They involve my family.. .”
But then, does the British actor think he will replenish for a new year? Everything suggests that yes. He says: “I live in Vancouver, Canada for eight years, my children love their lives, they go to school here, they have their friends. this story. so I would not be surprised if I rempilais tomorrow. But then again, you never know … ” in short, if ABC decides to renew the series for a seventh season, Rumple should be part of the cast the next year . Stay tuned to know the end of the story. Meanwhile, discover melty on the latest spoilers about season 6 Once Upon A Time. Do you want to see a new season?