Once Upon A Time Season 7: Episode 1, the title unveiled, what it teaches us!

Cinema 29 June, 2017

While Season 7 of Once Upon A Time will not air until next September, the title of episode 1 has just been unveiled!
Finally clues! Yes, the meltynauts, since Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz announced that the seventh season of ABC’s most magical show would take a new turn, we did not have much more information. With the departure of the majority of the cast including Jennifer Morrison, there is reason to ask questions. While Melty’s editor suggested discovering Lana Parrilla’s confidences about Season 7 of Once Upon A Time , Adam Horowitz has unveiled the title of the Season Premiere on his instagram account. The opportunity to learn more about this totally new chapter . Entitled “Hyperion Height” , The first episode seems to focus on Greek mythology. A theme still little touched on in the series.
So, if we had the pleasure of discovering Hercules, Megara and Hades in season 5 of the show, we have not gone much further and this title might well mean that we will venture into the legends of the Titans. Indeed, Hyperion is one of the twelve titans and with him could open a whole new story that might explain why Henry does not remember anything . One thing is certain, it will be very complicated to forget our favorite characters to focus only on Regina, Hook and Rumple. While waiting for more info, do not forget to vote each so that your favorite show can win the 2017 World Cup on melty . What do you think of this possibility?