Once Upon A Time Season 7: Is Moana the “True Love” of Henry? Adam Horowitz confesses

Cinema 27 May, 2017

Is Moana the mother of Lucy and Henry’s “True Love” in season 7 of Once Upon A Time? Adam Horowitz answers!
A few days ago, the first details about Season 7 of Once Upon A Time were unveiled to you . Henry will have left Storybrooke but will have to take the path of the universe of fairy tales. His daughter, Lucy, came to look for him to save his family, as he had done years ago by finding Emma. What happened to Henry? Why does he not remember Lucy? Who is the mother of the little girl? Many questions arise following the Season Finale of Season 6 of Once Upon A Time . According to many Oncers, Disney’s latest heroine, Moana, could be a key figure in the new episodes of ABC’s fantastic series . The fans could not help but notice that a Polynesian mask was present on one of the doors of Oz. That would be a hint that Moana is on her way to Storybrooke in season 7 of Once Upon A Time .
Very soon, the Oncers thought that Moana could be the mother of the little Lucy and therefore , the “True Love” of Henry. However, Adam Horowitz, one of the co-creators of Once Upon A Time , remained very vague about this theory. “Examining this door for clues about what will be season 7 is not necessarily Useful, ” he said in an interview with Entertainment Weekly. “We must not see anything more symbolic, which tells us how vast our universe is and that there are still plenty of places to explore … ,” he added. The showrunners of the series are sure to keep some mysteries about the next episodes of the series. One thing is certain, the arrival of Moana would probably be beneficial for the show. While waiting to learn more, also discover why Season 7 of Once Upon A Time will not be broadcast on Sunday night . And do you think Moana is going to land at Storybrooke in Season 7 of Once Upon A Time?