Once Upon A Time season 7: Sean Maguire and Rebecca Mader confide in Regina, Robin’s death, Zelena and their absence in the next season (EXCLU)

Cinema 11 July, 2017

Sean Maguire (Robin) and Rebecca Mader (Zelena) answered our questions about Once Upon A Time and her sequel, their relationship with Regina and their projects in this exclusive interview.

A few weeks ago, Melty’s editors had the chance to meet Rebecca Mader (Zelena) and Sean Maguire (Robin) at Happy Ending’s Once Upon A Time convention hosted by People Convention. Their characters have experienced many events, such as the death of Robin in Once Upon A Time, one of the favorites of the Series World Cup. “I was disappointed, I had just become regular this season and had my family moved to Vancouver,” he said. Since then, Sean Maguire has played another Robin, very different from his first role. Which version did he prefer to embody? He replies: “I love the original Robin because I love what he’s fighting for, the relationship he has with Regina and how the fans in the series like him, but the Dark Robin was probably a little bit more Amusing to incarnate “.

We asked the one who played Robin who was the best woman according to him between Zelena, Marian and Regina. “It was a pleasure working with the actress who played Marian but after all the time we spent together, our alchemy and the relationship we built together, my heart swings to Regina.” What to melt the hearts of fans of OutlawQueen! Rebecca Mader decided between Evil Queen or Regina as her best sister and her answer is perfect: “I prefer Regina! Evil Queen has the best outfits but if I wanted to watch Netflix with a glass of wine, I would definitely take Regina “.

As the seasons of Upon A Time, Zelena has evolved a lot. Thence to pass on the side of the Gentiles? Rebecca Mader believes: “Zelena would always be ugly, but I do not think ugly means bad. In England” wicked “means incredible, whereas in the US it translates as bad. Besides, the actress will not be casting Once Upon A Time season 7, filled with new characters. Yet she is already considering the happy ending of Zelena and what could be seen of her as a guest if she came back: “her relationship with her sister, having a family now that she has Regina, Henry, Charmings and her baby It would be nice for her to fall in love and regain her magic. ” Sean Maguire, who would like to go behind the camera, does not see himself returning to Once Upon A Time season 7: “I do not know, I do not think, it would depend on if the role I am writing is interesting and The direction it could take … I believe that Once Upon A Time is the first series I left and then returned, it would be a real challenge to get me back again.