Once Upon A Time: The people of Storybrooke, big favorites of group 5!

Cinema 23 June, 2017

As the 2017 World Cup is in full swing, Once Upon A Time is undoubtedly the biggest favorite in Group 5!
It’s the summer event! Meltynautes, for the fourth consecutive year, the editor of melty is organizing the 2017 World Cup . The opportunity for all fans to mobilize to allow their favorite series to win the supreme title. It must be said that all these shows have become a real drug for viewers and it was high time to pay tribute to them. And there are four adored series of fans who compete in group 5: Once Upon A Time, Vikings, Lucifer and Empire. We are not going to lie, it is the people of Storybrooke who seem to be in the best position to take the next step . For starters, it is she who records the longest longevity record. In addition, Antenna for more than six years on ABC , it has just been renewed for a new season. Very much appreciated by viewers, let us not forget that she won the first two cuts in the world of the series. A real feat!
With characters drawn from fairy tales and terribly endearing, it did not take long for Once Upon A Time to build a very solid fanbase. It must be said that the intrigues are always magical and allow us to dream during the space of forty minutes and that is still really cool. Certainly, the sixth season has disappointed many fans but we would really be very surprised if it did not manage to take the next step . In any case, if Once Upon A Time is your favorite series, you only have one thing to do: vote every day so that you can keep a chance to lift the trophy. Pending the results, the editorial ‘ Of melty explained why Zelena deserved better in season 7 Once Upon A Time. Do you fancy that Once Upon A Time wins the 2017 World Cup?