Once Upon A Time: The strengths and weaknesses of the magic series!

Cinema 17 July, 2017

As the 2017 World Cup is in full swing, let’s take stock of the strengths and weaknesses of ABC’s most magical series!

A series that is running out of steam? Yes, the meltynauts, after six years of good and loyal services, Once Upon A Time was renewed in-extremis by ABC. Seduced by the new direction promised by Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz, the network gave the Jennifer Morrison series a last chance. No one can deny the popularity of the show to the fans of the first hour who have mobilized every day to reach this crucial stage of the competition. While the editor of melty proposed to you to discover which series passed in semi-final, return on the strong points and the weak points of the show.
The weak spots

The biggest fault of OUAT is that it has the unfortunate tendency to give more light to the characters and to leave the others in the shade. When Emma, ​​Hook or Regina were treated, worked and had time to evolve, others like Rumple, Belle or the charming always repeat the same pattern and remain blocked in boxes. In addition, repeated curses offer an extremely predictable side to intrigue to the point that we can almost guess the outcome of the storylines now. In short, Once Upon A Time needs to renew itself. Let’s hope that the new direction of the two creators will allow them to see their characters in a new light.

But if there is indeed a force that no one can take away from him, it is his very personal way of revisiting fairy tales. An always original and interesting view that fans of Disney or other franchises take a huge pleasure to discover. We also love jumping from world to world to get to know Arendelle or The Enchanted Forest. In addition, Regina’s character is a strong point in itself as it sums up by itself how both the creators can be talented. Already twice winning the World Series Cup, can she sign for a third victory? If you want this to happen, vote every day so that Once Upon A Time can access the grand finale.