Once Upon A Time: Will Season 7 Be The Last? Jamie Chung (Mulan) confirms!

Cinema 18 May, 2017

At the start of the season, Once Upon A Time will return for a seventh season on the ABC channel but it seems that Jamie Chung confirmed that it would be the last!
The Once Upon A Time series has been renewed for a season 7 but everyone goes away or almost! Indeed, Emma, ​​Charming, Belle or even Zelena will not be in the game. How will the show explain this? Have they been sent elsewhere? Can they be saved? While Hook, Regina and Rumple will be regular characters in Season 7 of Once Upon A Time , we also wonder where the happy-ending happened and especially if the series still has a good day ahead of them without its leading characters. Well, it could be that the next episodes lead Henry, grown up, to try to find his family and that this small world is gathered in the Season Finale. Indeed, the season 7 of Once Upon A Time should be the last of the fantastic show of ” ABC . Mulan’s interpreter, Jamie King, confirmed this in an interview with the Huffington Post .
It was revealed that Season 7 of Once Upon A Time would no longer be broadcast on Sunday evenings so we were beginning to worry about the future of the series. The change of time slot, especially when the series is placed on Friday night, is never a good omen. Jamie Chung seems to have confirmed our doubts . “Actually, I found myself with one of the creators the other night. They spent seven years on, it’s been. But there are a few cast members who will return for the final season finale.” A- “She said, adding: ” They keep calling it the last season but it will continue. ” Will Season 7 of Once Upon A Time really be the last? It seems that this is what Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis, the showrunners, have planned but it could be that the chain ABC commands a season 8. However, this is unlikely … And according to you, Jamie Chung comes from To announce that Once Upon A Time would end with Season 7?