Only: A fantastic film oppressing made in France, our critic

Cinema 8 February, 2017

Today comes out on our screens Seuls, a fantastic French film adapting the comic of the same name, which follows the adventures of 5 teenagers lost in a world emptied of its inhabitants!
We must face the facts. Make genre films, this is not our strong too, for we French, with rare exceptions such as the recent Personal Shopper Olivier Assayas with Kristen Stewart. Then, of necessity, as soon as there is one who arrives in our obscure rooms, it immediately stirs our curiosity. And so it is only by David Moreau, opening today at Cinema alongside Lego Batman, the film , namely a teen movie that happily eyeing the side of fantasy. Inspired by the hit comic of the same name Bruno and Fabien Vehlmann Gazzotti, the film tells the story of Leila (Sofia Lesaffre), a 16-year resourceful and fan of cars, who wakes up one morning and found that all inhabitants of his town have mysteriously disappeared . While she believes she is the only survivor, she crosses the road of 4 other teenagers, Dodji (Stéphane Bak), a delinquent who is not really one, Camille (Kim Lockart), as studious as timid and timid, Yvan (Paul Scarfoglio), a binocular intellectual and full of aces, and Terry (Jean-Stan du Pac), the youngest and most impulsive of the group. Together they attempt to survive and understand what has been happening . But the situation is evidently quick enough when they realize that a strange mortal fog surrounds the deserted city, preventing them from fleeing, and that another dangerous and evil presence pursues them!
That fans of the comics know, the film only made a few (big) departures from the original work. The characters in particular appear older and it is from the point of Leila and not from that of Dodji that history is told. However, our heroes remain very faithful to their paper version and are equally endearing – although we regret a bit that Yvan and Dodji finally remain rather clichés. But the dynamic between the five characters, who carry (almost) alone the film on their shoulders, is convincing enough and interesting to let themselves be drawn into their adventures. A special mention, moreover, to Leila, a strong hero and decided despite her faults and doubts, which always leads the small group forward! Only plays in any case very well on the strengths and weaknesses of its protagonists , who gradually learn to survive in this empty and desolate world where the dangers are still numerous. As for the actors, they are perfect in their roles, whether Stéphane Bak in the skin of stale Dodji and Jean-Pac Stan in that of the impulsive but fragile Terry.
But the main asset Only, as you may have seen in the agonizing teaser is of course its atmosphere, tense with desire and sometimes almost claustrophobic! Photography reinforces the anxiety caused by the absence of all life thanks to its gray and pale tones and the sound atmosphere also highlights the anguishing side that emerges from the situation of our characters. Here we are, we spectators continuously powered plane while an unknown threat on our characters . Because, as you can imagine, the meltynauts, Leïla, Dodji and the others are not as lonely as they think and the film cleverly reveals in its second part the presence of other protagonists who are far from being so Friendly than our heroes! It has often been feared that one or the other of them will not come out alive. The mystery surrounding the disappearance of all the people, he finds its resolution ( Obviously ) at the very end of the film. If those who read the comic will not be surprised by the denouement, the uninitiated, they risk to take a big slap in the face! If Only thus does not faithfully adapts the original work, it does offer a show that keeps us in suspense until the end and fully assumes as a fantasy film, in the pure sense of the term, namely the eruption of Supernatural in reality. Comic and genre fans will be delighted! Will you see the film?