Open your eyes, here are all Disney movies that are going to have a remake in live-action

Cinema 3 May, 2017

You risk eating Disney for quite a few more years …
When you hold a chicken with golden eggs, it would be a joke not to enjoy it. It’s a bit of Disney’s credo , which intends to use the vein of live-action for several more years. With the record revenues of “Malefique” , “Cendrillon” , “Le Livre de la Jungle” and recently “La Belle et la Bete” , the firm with big ears planche on a multitude of adaptations of its famous catalog of drawings Animated . In short, get ready, live-action is coming …
Disney has been working on the screenplay since 2015, in collaboration with director Niki Caro, who announced a much more “adult” version compared to the original work. To avoid any accusation of “whitewashing”, the casting will be mainly composed of actors of Asian origin . Exit scheduled for 2 November 2018.
The Lion King
It’s Jon Favreau, the director of Iron Man , but also of the recent live-action of the “Book of the Jungle” , which is to the controllers of this project, certainly the most awaited by the fans of Disney skepticism). If it can reassure them, no human will be present in the film, all the animals will be reproduced by synthetic image . Expected release date for 2019.
After “Alice in Wonderland” , Tim Burton will tackle another monument in the Disney catalog. He will be accompanied again on this project by the frenchie Eva Green (after “Dark Shadows” and “Miss Peregrine” ). As for the screenplay, it was entrusted to Ehren Kruger, who worked on the trilogy “Transformers”. Cars that are transforming, elephants flying, it’s kind of the same delirious you’ve seen. Expected release in 2018.
Merlin the wizard
It is Bryan Cogman, one of the authors / producers of “Game of Thrones” , who actively works on the script of this remake, probably centered around the youth of King Arthur . Fantasy fans should take their eyes full. Expected release for 2018.
Mary Poppins
For once, “Mary Poppins Returns” is not a remake but rather a result of the 1964 movie with Emily Blunt in the lead role and Rob Marshall as director ( “Chicago” , “Pirates of the Caribbean 4” . ..). The adaptation must land for Christmas 2018.
As for “The Lion King” , one touches here one of the most popular works of the universe Disney. And it is Guy Ritchie ( “Snatch” , “Sherlock Holmes” , “RocknRolla” …) that it is the heavy task of carrying Aladdin and all the smala on the big screen. Again, to avoid the pitfall of “whitewashing”, the casters are looking for actors with “the Middle East type” . The release date is still unknown.
One night on Mount Bald
There is absolutely no dishonesty on Disney’s side, which will adapt “One Night on Bald Mountain” , a segment that lasts 10 minutes in “Fantasia”, in a 2-hour movie. Not to frighten producers Matt Sazama and Burk Sharpless, who have already worked on fantasy / horror works before ( “Dracula Untold” and “The Last Witch Hunter” ). Release date unknown.
Winnie the Pooh
Rather reserved for children, the film will be interested in the character of Jean-Christophe grown up, and who will retrieve his stuffed Winnie . A project entrusted to Marc Foster ( “Quantum of Solace” , “World War Z” …) and which should see the day running 2018.
James and Giant Fishing
Roald Dahl’s literary work, already adapted as a stop motion in 1996, will have a new life in 2018, rather unknown to the general public . And it is neither more nor less than Sam Mendes ( “Skyfall” , “The Paths of perdition” …) which will be the real ‘of this ambitious project.
The little Mermaid
Prepare not for one remake, but for two. Besides Disney, which is hot on the record, Universal has been active for a while already on a live adaptation of “The Little Mermaid” , Sofia Coppola having a time participated in the project, before retiring due to “creative disputes” . Nothing has yet leaked on the Disney version, except that it will be produced by Lin-Manuel Miranda.
For the moment, here is material to make a good live-action, and it is already several years that the project is considered by Disney. It would still be at the stage of the script, entrusted to Peter Hedges , known for his taff on “The funny life of Timothy Green” or “Gilbert Grape” .
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
No, you will not be entitled to an umpteenth adaptation of “Snow White” . Disney will indeed bet on … his sister, Rose-Rouge. With one of the bows of the Grimm brothers’ tale still never operated by Mickey’s company . The screenplay was entrusted to Evan Daughtery, already roamed to the exercise thanks to his work on “Snow White and the Hunter” .
That no one moves: EMMA STONE was chosen to embody the biggest scoundrel of the “101 Dalmatians” . I repeat, Emma Stone was … in short you will have understood, this amazing (and sexy) choice aims above all to rejuvenate the character, history to discover the origins of the evil, in this film centered on his character . Nothing to do so with the 1996 live-action that featured Glenn Close. On the real side, it’s Alex Timbers who will stick to it. Expected release in 2019.
Peter Pan
It is already the remake of “Peter and Eliot the Dragon” . David Lowery is now riveted on the live-action of “Peter Pan” , which will try to do as well as the “Hook or the revenge of the Captain Hook” of Steven Spielberg.
But that’s not all, “La Fée Tinkerbell” will also be entitled to his own film. And we already know that it is Reese Whiterspoon that will slip into the pretty green suit .