Orange is The New Black season 5: 3 things to remember from the official trailer!

Cinema 9 May, 2017

We were waiting for him and he finally arrived! The official trailer of the season 5 of Orange is the New Black was unveiled by Netflix and things will move in Lichtfield.
No, it’s not because episodes of Orange’s season 5 are being pirated – Netflix has not even yielded to the ransom demand – that it was not expected Official trailer of the upcoming season anxiously. This is finally what help us to hold until the broadcast of all the episodes on the platform of VOD on June 9th next and we propose you to return on the three elements to remember of this trailer energized .
RIP Poussey Washington
The first thing that emerges from the trailer that you can see above is that the death of Poussey Washington will remain a motor for the series. Brutal and unjust, the death of the young prisoner risks having enormous consequences on the prison but also and especially on its occupants . Poussey made and will always be part of the series and Netflix has also emphasized it thanks to the painted murals of the young woman painted all over the world accompanied by the words “Stand Up” .
Justice and respect
This brings us to the second thing to remember: the series reflects more than ever the news and what affects us daily, whether it is from near or far. After the death of Poussey reflecting the violence against African Americans in the United States, the need for justice, solidarity and equality of detainees is a cry sung everywhere and by everyone in the face of events Which continue to shock us . Poussey’s death will not go unpunished and will serve as a catalyst for a justified rebellion so that Taystee, Sophia, Nicky and the others are treated with respect and dignity.
Unity is strength
Finally, the third thing to remember is that the inmates finally realized that together they could move mountains and that their message would be much clearer if it were spoken with one voice. Setting the example in this cruel microcosm they are ready to put their differences aside to do justice to their friend but also to secure the rights and respect they deserve as individuals . While Daya has the fate of a guard in his hands, it seems that this is only the beginning and that the prisoners have finally taken power in the prison. It remains to be seen what will come out but in any case we are already looking forward to seeing this. Pending the 9th of June, Find out what other series are shown this week with our weekly program . What do you think ?