Orange is The New Black season 5: 7 questions we ask about the sequel!

Cinema 22 June, 2017

Season 6 of Orange Is the New Black is still far from us, but we still offer you all the questions we ask since the end of season 5!
Once is not customary, the new season of Orange Is the New Black left us with a lot of questions and unfortunately the wait will be very long before we can have the answers. Beware, for those who have not yet finished season 5 of Orange Is the New Black , know that this article contains spoilers on the plot and especially on the final season. If you watched and finished the thirteen new episodes of the Netflix prison series, you will know that the last episode ended on a cliffhanger that still gives us chills. While the SWAT forcibly entered the prison and arrested one of the Litchfield inmates one by one – Piper, Alex, Blanca, Red, Taystee, Nicky, Suzanne, Black Cindy, Frieda, Gloria – is still hidden in the empty pool of the prison. And we will not know more … Here are all the questions that arise after the end of this season and which we hope to have an answer in season 6:
What happens to the 10 inmates hidden in the pool?
As has been said, a group of ten detainees has not yet been “recovered” by the SWAT, and when they discover their absence, they decide to go even more violently than others – Is saying little – for they expect to be attacked. They even have the permission to kill if necessary … Although the ten women are ready to make themselves worthy, are we to fear that one or more of them will die? We do not hope in any case …
Where are the detainees taken away?
Each of the detainees, after being “neutralized”, was brought before the prison. They began to be taken on buses, sometimes separated from their loved ones – we think of Flaca and Maritza and this scene that broke our hearts – but without having any idea where we were going to take them . The state still complains that the prisons are overburdened, it is difficult to imagine that the other establishments can welcome as many new people. The suspense remains. One also wonders where Sophia (Laverne Cox) is, which is not seen at all from the moment she left the prison. Where is she ? What is she doing ? What is happening? ..
What will happen to Litchfield Prison?
Litchfield Prison has suffered many degradations in three days and this will certainly require repairs and a major cleaning. Will they do it all over again to put the inmates back there? Moreover, with all the scandals that have occurred, we imagine that there will be a change in the management of the prison. So, will the rebellion really improve the living conditions in Litchfield?
Which inmates will have lengthened sentences?
During these three days of rebellion, if some prisoners preferred to take the sun and make their own life on their side, some took matters into their own hands and did not hesitate to be extremely violent with the prison guards who became hostages. However, it will be difficult to really know who has done what in the prison for the outside authorities and it is feared that all prisoners without exception will be added to their sentences. In any case, if the prison guards are brought to testify, Leanna, Angie, Daya, Ouija, Pidge, Zirconia and perhaps even Frieda for throwing darts on two of them, !
Will Piper and Alex get married?
In the last episode, Piper decided to take the plunge and ask Alex in marriage. After a new season of bickering for anything and everything, it seems that the two women are ready to spend their lives together because, whatever happens, they always come back to each other. If we wish them all the happiness of the world, we are not certain that the future plays in their favor . Hoping that they both come safe and sound from the prison, there is a risk that they are then separated … We cross the fingers anyway!
Will Lorna have her baby?
Engagement, pregnancy … Everything can happen in Orange Is the New Black ! Indeed, Lorna discovered that she was pregnant with her husband, Vince Muccio. If this has given rise to several very touching scenes, especially with Nicky, it is certain that Lorna’s pregnancy behind bars should not be a part of fun. We all saw how complicated it had been for Daya, for example, and knowing Lorna’s very emotional and sensitive nature, we can only be worried. Will the young woman really decide to keep the child? In any case, everything suggests that yes, because it is finally his dream comes true and Vince also seems delighted.
What will happen to Pennsatucky and Chang?
It is unclear whether the SWAT team members are just wrong in mathematics or simply not given the right account, but they seem to think that 10 inmates are missing Knows full well that in addition to the 10 women who are in the pool, there are two others who simply ran away. So, of course, they certainly count Linda in the lot thinking she’s a prisoner, but that means she’s still a person in the wild. Finally, no matter how they do it, two inmates escaped through the fence: Pennsatucky and Chang . The first one stopped in the house of the guards, taking advantage of the comfort and finally finding the one she loves. Will he eventually denounce it to the authorities or will he protect it? As for Chang, something tells us that she is already far away and that it will be very complicated for them to find her! In the meantime, you can find the first details of season 6 of Orange Is the New Black , on melty. What do you think ?