Orange is the New Black season 5: After Nabilla, which guest stars in the series?

Cinema 24 January, 2017

Nabilla arrives in season 5 of Orange Is the New Black. A news that made the Web shake! But suddenly we asked ourselves: what guest stars could appear in the series?
The news came as a bombshell: Nabilla will participate in the season 5 Orange Is the New Black ! Yes, the meltynauts: this summer, we will be able to find the starlet in a very particular role since she appears in the show the space a few minutes as a new prisoner. Whether we love the young woman or not, we must admit that she has a lot of humor after all that she has lived (she was in prison after stabbing her companion). Suddenly, the editorial ‘of melty, we raised the question of what we would see stars in guest on the show from Netflix . And believe us, ideas have rocketed and the choices are unlimited! Are you ready ? So, let’s go for these five stars that we would like to see in the show as guests.
1 / Lindsay Lohan
Lindsay Lohan was the rising star of the big screen before defrauding the chronicle with its many abuses, stays in sobering cells and trials. We all loved his films for teens (Lolita Malgré Moi, Freaky Friday …), but we must admit, we were also passionate about his recurring clichés taken by the police. Who better than the pretty actress to interpret the role of a turbulent prisoner (in the same genre, there is also Micha Barton)?
2 / Mary-Louise Parker
Before Orange Is the New Black, Jenji Kohan has delivered seven seasons a superb series on Showtime known to all: Weeds. At its head was Mary-Louise Parker, who played the role of Nancy, the weed daronne de weed. Since then, the actress has been rather rare (we could see her in The Blacklist and she appears in the casting of the mini-series When We Rise on ABC) and admit that it would be top it seeing land in the NBITB. Why not resume her role as Nancy after being hugged by the policemen?
3 / Calista Flockhart
Calista Flockhart is a great actress we discovered in Ally McBeal, whom we loved in Brothers & Sisters and who made us laugh in Supergirl. Now released from the latter, it is expected to return on the small screen. Well the woman would see Harrison Ford play the role of the new director of the prison . Close, squeaky and unscrupulous.
4 / Emily VanCamp
Since the end of Revenge on ABC, we are waiting with great impatience to see Emily VanCamp, who carried the series on his shoulders. So yes we could see in Captain America: Civil War, but let’s face it is not enough . Since Amanda has not lost his life, we would see a little cameo of the character in the series after having again avenged someone.
5 / Kristen Bell
Why Kristen Bell? Because it’s Kristen Bell. The pretty blonde is probably one of the actresses whose talent is not to prove and has such a strong sympathy capital that EVERYONE loves . Today she takes the lead role in the comedy The Good Place on NBC (it also expects a renewal of the series for season 2 from NBC), but his schedule would allow her to come on The prison set of Netflix. Fingers crossed! What actresses would you like to see in the series?