Orange is the New Black season 5: Pirated episodes, Netflix does not yield to the ransom demand!

Cinema 6 May, 2017

Some were not able to wait until June 9th and have flatly demanded a ransom in exchange for several episodes of Orange’s 5 season is the New Black. They tell you everything.
With a returning character and a possibly endangered Piper in season 5 of Orange is the New Black , fans can look forward to June 9th to see the 13 episodes on Netflix. But some have gone a little too far. A few days ago, a group of hackers named “The Dark Overlord” leaked episodes of the next season on the internet after Netflix refused to pay what it considered to be a “modest sum” in exchange for the stolen episodes . The announcement of the piracy was made on Twitter and was accompanied by links to download the episodes.
Yet this large-scale operation did not scare enough Netflix to give in and the group refused to pay anything to recover its stolen episodes. “We are aware of the situation. The safety of a production provider used by several major TV studios has been compromised and the appropriate police authorities have been involved . ” It remains to be seen whether Netflix and the other major US broadcasters will be able to prevent further leaks of this kind and if this piracy will have an impact on the series 5 season audiences that will be made available in its entirety on June 9 on Netflix . In any case the fans were pleased with this piracy on Twitter and some even ask for access to another, Other films and series. While waiting to know if new hacks will soon take place, a new season 5 teaser of Orange is the New Black is online – legally – on melty. What do you think ?