Orange is the New Black season 5: What future for the series if SPOILER dies in the sequel?

Cinema 20 January, 2017

We are waiting for the summer and the release date of season 5 of Orange is the New Black, wondering what the future holds for the series of Jenji Kohan …
The months are long waiting to know what is going on in Lichtfield prison and while you were reading all the rumors about season 5 of Orange is the New Black , we continue to help you To wait with this time questions about the future of the series. Indeed according to some of the rumors in question, a main character will still die in the next season, and if some think that Brooke will be the unhappy victim, for others it is Piper that could be. Indeed the actress who interprets it, Taylor Schilling, had some blurry words about the future of his character and it takes no more to imagine that Piper could know a tragic destiny in the sequel . It must be said that his journey was rather hectic and that it certainly did not happen that friends in prison … But Piper remains the one who introduced us in the prison world of the series, what would then become the show Netflix without it?
With an important cast and a lot of main characters, there’s no doubt that Orange is the New Black still has a lot of stories to tell despite Piper’s death. Between Taystee, Alex, Sophia, Red and the others, there is plenty to do on the level of intrigues, and this is also what makes the series so strong that it has widened its horizon to the point of making it difficult to distinguish between Only main character . However we must admit that as unbearable as it may be, Piper certainly would miss a bit and especially his dynamics with Alex, although their relationship has shifted to the background as the seasons go by. Obviously all this is based only on rumors and a few words of the actress who simply does not know what to expect in the sequel. It is quite possible that Piper left the series well but because his punishment in Lichtfield will finally be over – a happier outing for her. In short, waiting for new information, one continues to wonder what will be the date of broadcast of the season 5 of Orange is the New Black since the filming is finished! And you, do you think the series could go on without Piper?