Orange is the New Black season 6: The 3 characters that we would like to see again in the next episodes

Cinema 6 July, 2017

In 5 seasons, we had time to attach to many characters. Some remained, others left. Among them, there are some that we would really like to see again in the new Orange season is The New Black.

On July 11, 2013 was released the first episode of the series that would quickly become cult, Orange is the New Black. With happiness, we were able to discover a palette of characters all more captivating than the others. Very quickly, we attached to Piper, Alex, Red, Suzanne, Taystee, Poussey and all the others. Only, in the course of time and the seasons, certain characters have become less and less present, and have even disappeared. If one of the most difficult absences to overcome remains Poussey’s, she is not the only prisoner or other character to be missed. While the Orange Season 6 is the New Black should be available in no less than a year, we are already beginning to wonder what it might look like, around which plot it might turn, which characters will be present ? Will some of the elders make a big comeback? Among all those who left Litchfield prison, here are the 3 that we would really like to see again in season 6 of Orange is The New Black.

One of the first characters that we would like to see again in season 6 of Orange is The New Black is undoubtedly Stella Carlin, played by Ruby Rose and that we could see in season 3 of the series and Very briefly in the fourth. It was with her that Piper set up his thriving sales of small-panties, leading the two inmates to get very dangerously close, until the pretty brunette betrays Chapman. Sent to QHS after Piper’s revenge, the big tattoo was found only for a single episode in season 4. Episode 6 in which she can be seen talking with Nicky in the prison courtyard To maximum safety. After a complete absence in season 5, his return could put a bit of spice into the Piper / Alex relationship, which never worked so well!

Second character we’d like to see again: John Bennett! Interpreted by Matt McGorry, who is also part of the How To Get Away With Murder series, this Litchfield prison guard was a recurring character in the first three seasons of Orange is The New Black. Loving Dayanara, she will soon be pregnant with him. In order to avoid problems for both, they will trap George Mendez by making the prison administration believe that the baby that Dayanara carries is the fruit of the rape of Pornstache on the inmate. Several episodes later, Bennett will ask the young woman in marriage, before disappearing definitively for fear of becoming a father. Given the current situation in Dayanara and the (very) bad times she is likely to spend in Season 6 of Orange is The New Black, the return of her great love could offer us rather intense scenes!

Finally, last character that we would love to see back in the series: Lolly Whitehill! Present in Seasons 3 and 4 of Orange is The New Black, the affectionate schizophrenic left Litchfield at the end of Season 4 after her paranoia became even worse following her complicity in the murder of the pseudo officer Aydin Bayat, In fact sent to kill Alex. She eventually returned to the psychiatric ward after the man’s remains were found in the prison garden. Very endearing character, his return would be a very good surprise for all the fans! Of course, these three characters are not the only ones we would like to see again in season 6 of Orange is The New Black, whose first details have already leaked. Yvonne “Vee” Parker, Rosa Cisneros or Poussey miss us very much. But difficult to bring back dead characters … To know if some of our wishes will be realized, we will still have to wait for (too) many months …