Orange is The New Black season 6: The first details on the sequel!

Cinema 14 June, 2017

Season 5 of Orange is The New Black has landed on Netflix last Friday, putting an end to the heavy suspense of Season Finale of season 4. We already know more about season 6 to come …
Season 5 of Orange is The New Black is barely released we are already talking about season 6! It is still a little early to speculate on the continuation of the show but we have confirmed that Netflix will broadcast two more seasons of Orange is The New Black that is cartooning around the world! And if you too, you’ve devoured the 13 episodes of the Netflix series over the weekend, you’re sure to look forward to learning more about the sequel ! What could happen in Season 6? Which characters will be present? When will it be released? They tell you everything!
Season 6 will be similar to the others in terms of format: a mix between the prison life of our favorite prisoners and flashbacks of their previous lives to find out more about them. The casting will be a priori the same but new characters are not excluded since we will see scenes of the past of the inmates and that new ones could well happen! Piper has no time to spend in prison (she was sentenced to 15 months for playing a role in the drug cartel of his girlfriend Alex): The series Would she continue without her character in prison? Unless it is condemned again ! Or that the next seasons take place on only a few days as season 5 (over 3 days). Regarding the broadcast date, each season of this Netflix series comes in the summer. This means that we will probably have season 6 of Orange is The New Black in June 2018 !