Orange is The New Black: Will Piper get out of jail in season 5?

Cinema 28 January, 2017

A few months before the return of Orange is the New Black for a fifth season on Netflix, we wonder if the sequel will be without Piper Chapman.
It was not until this summer before returning Taystee, Red and others on Netflix and wait until then we wondered there is little that Orange is the New Black would if Piper were to die . Today it is still Piper that we will talk but it is a destiny a little less tragic for her than we will imagine. In fact we know from the beginning of the series that Piper Chapman (Taylor Schilling) was not imprisoned for life and therefore will ultimately serve his sentence and then get out of jail . After four seasons full of drama and twists, one wonders if it is not in season 5 that Piper could finally leave and leave more room for the intrigues of other inmates. It must be said that Jenji Kohan has done everything in subtlety and slowly but surely, the other characters have taken more and more importance over the episodes, to the point that it is now difficult to designate a single character as the main character , Including Piper.
If Piper were released, it probably would not cause much trouble. Alex, Sophia, Brooke … all the inmates – and the guards – now have their own story that just needs to be explored further and that would be enough to allow the series to continue for a few more years. We do not forget the importance of Piper, thanks to which we got to know Lichtfield and its occupants, and which allowed us to discover prison life. But we also know that she had a knack for teasing us lately and despite a hint of sadness, we would not be against seeing how the series is doing without it . Moreover, it is also a matter of coherence since it can not, of course, remain in prison indefinitely. In short, we do not know yet if Piper leaves the prison in season 5, but we already know that if it happens, after Orange is the New Black will be as fascinating as usual and will continue to address topics very Humans and important messages through his complex and engaging characters. And you, would you like Piper to come out of jail in season 5?