OrelSan and Gringe back, Flower Breakers make three big announcements

Entertainment 4 April, 2017

The Flower Breakers are back and have announced three great news at a Facebook Live on April 1st.
OrelSan and Gringe form the group of Breakers Flowers, who have carded with “Blocked” . In 2015, they shone with their film “Comment c’est loin”, whose album of the band-moose has just been certified platinum disk with more than 100,000 copies sold . As a result, on April 1st, the two artists decided to make big announcements to their audience, and we assure you, it was not a joke. On Facebook, they first thanked their followers for the success of their project and then made the buzz by announcing their great return to music in a special way while Meanwhile, Rohff and Booba resumed their clash .
In the video, the Flower Breakers warn that they will return in 2017, but each one of his side. Gringe will be releasing its first album in the coming months, while OrelSan will already reveal a third album after Lost in 2009 and Le chant des sirènes in 2011. If no date has yet been revealed, Either for the Gringe or OrelSan galette, we suspect that this should not be too long, given the sudden announcements they made. Let us hope for them to make as much noise as Lacrim for their great return. Are you looking forward to hearing new sounds from OrelSan?