Orlando Brown: the actor of Phenomenon Raven arrested for conjugal violence

Entertainment 24 December, 2016

From 2003 to 2007, Orlando Brown played Eddie Thomas, Raven’s best friend in the Raven Phenomenon series. Since then, he has stung a cable. His last misdeed? Beat his girlfriend, and this, in the parking lot of a police station.
Orlando Brown is sadly one of those players who do not take the shot at stardom, for example- to completely hasard- Lindsay Lohan and Amanda Bynes . Or like Jodie Sweetin , aka Stephanie Tanner in The Full House . Except that Jodie took over.

The one who played Eddie Thomas, Raven’s best friend in Raven , Disney once stamped series broadcast in KD2A , was arrested last month after beating her small, according to TMZ .
The incident occurred while Brown, 28, was in the midst of a fight with his girlfriend in the parking lot of a police station in Torrance, California. A witness would have seen the dispute degenerate and decided to inform the police, which was therefore a stone’s throw away. Orlando refused to leave his car when it arrived. He ended up in jail and the police officers found crystal meth on him. He was charged with domestic violence and obstruction of justice.

And unfortunately, it was not the first time that the ex-foal Disney had to fight with justice. In 2007, he was arrested for possession of marijuana. In 2011, he was drunk, before breaking the terms of his probation the following year. In 2013, rebelote, he returned drunk, and just crossed the bounds by attacking his girlfriend. If Madonna has need Big Brother Pascal for his son Rocco , Orlando would need a small session just for him.