OSEF info: Prince Harry too hairy, Meghan Markle forces him to shave!

Entertainment 12 May, 2017

It’s time for your favorite appointment: OSEF info. And today, we talk about Meghan Markle who does not like the hair of his beloved Prince Harry.
While Kate Middleton and Queen Elizabeth II are at the heart of a polemic in England , Prince Harry continues his little idyll with the pretty Meghan Markle . Discreet, the two lovers do not leave each other and spend most of their time both. A joy for the fans who never get tired of seeing them together. Especially because according to the British media, their relationship is more serious than ever. In any case, the actress of Suits seems to be at ease with her new boyfriend. This is evidenced by his last small request. Make her boyfriend shave his chest! Yes, the 35-year-old actress is not too much on the hair . Since then, Ready to do anything to satisfy his half, Prince Harry was executed and said bye bye to his beautiful red fleece. But would Meghan Markle go even further?
According to information provided by the National Enquirer , Kate Middleton and Prince William did not fail to gently mock Prince Harry for shaving his torso. So much so that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge even wondered if Meghan Markle had gone so far as to ask his darling to depilate the pubic hair. Ok … That’s a little bit far. And that’s exactly what the Gossip Cop site thought .