OSEF: Kanye West spends a fortune on an amazing gift

Entertainment 6 January, 2017

Kanye West offered an amazing gift for an astronomical sum. Discover it without further delay thanks to the OSEF info!
Recently, Ray J announced he was ready to make new revelations about his sex tape with Kim Kardashian . Besides, it is making its entry into the British show Celebrity Big Brother , the equivalent of Secret Story in France , the rapper was not embarrassed to talk about it. A situation that looks tense and does not risk to please the Kardashian-Jenner clan. Because, lately, the most famous family of Los Angeles trying somehow to stay out of the controversy. Kim Kardashian has also made a comeback on social networks and decided to put her family ahead rather than her sexy side. Therefore, it would not be surprising that Kanye West meets Ray J if it were to actually disclose new details about his wife. Because known to have a temperament of fire, Yeezy does what he wants whenever he wants. This is evidenced by its latest acquisition, which may surprise you.
But what good could afford Kanye West ? According to information reported by TMZ , the rapper died and was purchased twelve Urban eScooter, all for the modest sum of $ 20 000 . Yes, you read correctly. Obviously far from being ruined, it’s just before Christmas 2016 that the interpreter of “Famous” fell for her new toys that you can also find HERE . But what is the Urban eScooter? It’s a hobby horse – an electric bicycle without pedals – which proves to be very effective . In addition to being able to exceed the 20km / h, the vehicle contains leather handles but also a holder to put its mobile phone and charge it. The US site does not say for whom the husband of Kim Kardashian spent that kind of money but no doubt those present had to be very fun to those who received them. Really, Kanye West always surprise. A bit like Kendall Jenner who has unveiled his enormous tattoo on the cover of V Magazine. What do you think of the new acquisition of Kanye West?