Outlander season 3: An early return to Boston to Brianna?

Cinema 24 November, 2016

Timeline of season 3 Outlander could get away from the books. Brianna she will return sooner than expected in Boston?

outlander-outlander-saison-2-episode-13-seasonBrianna was raised in Boston by Claire and Frank Randall. She greatly admires his father who is a history teacher recognized Harvard. They are both very close, since taking care of her every night after work. The latter died while Brianna was only 17 will build character. After high school, she enrolled at the University of Massachusetts to study the technology and history. However, his relationship with his mother are quite conflicting. Claire seems perpetually elsewhere and lost in thought. In 1968 she decides to take Brianna to Scotland to submit Roger Wakefield, the adopted son of a great friend of Frank. Brianna finds at his side the landscape and history of Scotland. On this trip she will eventually learn the truth about his father and about the adventures of his mother. Discover also if you know all about the stars of Outlander, Claire and Jamie Fraser.
Please note, next lines contain SPOILERS . In season 3 of Outlander, Brianna should return to Boston. The series would advance much faster than books, because it can not return before Volume 4 of the saga. Indeed, the pictures of the filming is discovered Brianna and Roger in Boston. A yellow taxi 60s indicates they are well in the United States. The scenes, however, were filmed in Glasgow, Scotland for budgetary reasons. Brianna returns to his hometown to continue his studies and hope to obtain his master. Roger will visit him during a trip to a conference. One imagines that the two characters will soon come together. One thing is certain, they will meet during the Christmas holidays. Diana Galbaldon in any case seen the first episodes of season 3 of Outlander and announces a possible end. Brianna and Roger will they come together?