Outlander Season 3: Better than Seasons 1 and 2?

Cinema 24 May, 2017

Outlander’s season 3 is a good time, but our expectations should be rewarded since, according to Diana Gabaldon, she would be better than the previous ones …
Fans can not wait for the adventures of Claire and Jamie Fraser . At the end of season 2, the mythical couple had separated and we know that they will find themselves after more than twenty years far from each other. Their reunion should be intense and passionate. In other words, we are eager to discover this Outlander season 3. Besides, the teaser has put the water in our mouths. He announced the color. This season 3 of Outlander will be placed under the sign of the emotion. In any case, our expectation should be rewarded since the next episodes should be even better than the previous ones and it is Diana Gabaldon who says it!
Sometimes it is better to wait than to rush and do things too quickly. Outlander teams have decided to do that and it should pay off. Diana Gabaldon had the honor of discovering the first eight episodes of Outlander’s third season and she was filled with happiness . Admittedly, the editing was still raw but it promises already. She also assured that the story followed very closely that of her novels. She is in the best position to judge the quality of the show. She described these first eight episodes as “fabulous” and according to her, “They are really good, better than the first two seasons that were pretty good.” . Well it promises! We are even more excited to see them, but in the meantime, find out if Outlander is better than Games of Thrones? Are you eager to see her?