Outlander season 3: Claire and Jamie, Caitriona Balfe tease the scene of their reunion

Cinema 13 January, 2017

Fans of Outlander are waiting for one thing, the reunion between Jamie and Claire Fraser in season 3 of the show TV. To make us wait, Caitriona Balfe has teased this meeting so special!

A few more months to wait before returning to our favorite couple ! We can say it is the series that we look forward to in 2017 and especially the meeting between the famous duo. If Sam Heughan revealed that the reunion between Claire and Jamie would be special, Caitriona Balfe has also made many confidences. The long awaited reunion scene was finally filmed and the actress had a few words to say about her and especially her feelings. Taken from the third novel by Diana Gabaldon, “The Journey” , this scene promises to make sparks. Claire and Jamie have not seen each other for more than twenty years and will end up in a printing house. Discover now the confidences of Caitriona Balfe on the scene so special and touching!
This famous scene was shot in Scotland at the end of 2016 and it was very special for Caitriona Balfe . The actress revealed to EW what she felt and there is no doubt, the emotion will be at the rendezvous. According to the actress: “I think it was beautifully written Matt B. Roberts wrote It brings all the emotions Excitement, experience, nerves, everything I just think…. That it’s really beautiful. ” . Caitriona Balfe really puts us in the mouth and we already imagine this scene in our head. After 20 years separated from her soul-sister, Claire will most certainly be speechless. In any case, it promises. Pending the return of the series, see if Claire and Laoghaire MacKenzie, Jamie’s new wife, will declare war in Season 3 Outlander! What do you expect from this scene?